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Trummeter - Μετρητής τάσης ιμάντα με laser

677.00 €
SKU Trummeter
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Trummeter 677.00 € Κατόπιν Παραγγελίας

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Technical specifications
Measuring range 10 Hz ... 800 Hz
Digital sample error < 1 %
Display error ± 1 Hz
Set temperature 20º C / 68º F
Free trum length up to 9.99 m / 32.8 ft
Belt mass up to 9.999 kg/m / 6.72 lb/ft
Duty 10º C ... 50º C / 50º F ... 122º F
Transportation -5º C ... 50º C / 23º F ... 122º F
Casing plastic (ABS)
Dimensions Trummeter 80 mm x 126 mm x 37 mm
0.3 in x 0.4 in x 0.1 in
Dimensions Casing 226 mm x 178 mm x 50 mm
0.7 in x 0.6 in x 0.2 in
Display 2 lines LCD, 16 characters
Language Switching 10 languages
Voltage Supply 9 V battery or accumulator


Force Gauge Meter Trummeter
for easy, fast, and accurate measurements / wayplug and measuring probe with cable for areas that are difficult to access / compact and handy

The Force Gauge Meter Trummeter is an electric device measuring probe and microprocessor to measure tensions of belts and to control trum force of belt drives. A little impulse or touch will cause vibration. The Force Gauge will detect the belts frequency and will get the F static clamping force through mass of the belt and the length of the free belt trum. You have to ensure a good light reflection of the belt. Insertion of mass and length of belts is not necessary. The value of measurement will be shown in Hertz, Newton or Pound force. This measured value can be compared with the belts tension. The maximum duration will be reached if the belt is totally tensioned and the slices are placed correctly. The measurement of belt tension can be done when the engine is totally stopped and switched off.


  • Accurate measurements of belt tension
  • Easy to handle
  • Accurate determination of trum force
  • According to DIN EN ISO 9001ff
  • Display of belt tension in Newtons
  • Compact and handy construction
  • Reproducible measurement results
  • Robust keyboard
  • Easy and secure usage
  • User description and display of measured values
  • 10 languages


Delivery contents

1 x Force Gauge Trummeter
1 x plug probe
1 x measuring probe with cable
1 x 9 V battery
1 x Carrying case